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Adopt a Bird

Bird adoptions are a meaningful way to honor the wildlife lovers in your life!

Adoption Certificate

Starting at just $25, our symbolic Adopt a Bird program helps to care for each individual animal that comes into our care. All the birds featured here are species cared for by International Bird Rescue every year. Adopt today!

With your gift, we'll email you an official, customized adoption certificate - just let us know whose name you would like to appear as the "official adopter." You can email it, print it out and send to a loved one - they look great on iPads and other personal tablet devices!

Or, we can create a personalized certificate in full color and mail wherever you'd like us to send it.

Your gift will be used where needed most to rescue and rehabilitate birds impacted by both natural and man-made threats, such as oil spills and algal blooms.

International Bird Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your gift is tax-deductible.

Check out the list below to get started!

Adopt a Pelican - $250

Over the years, International Bird Rescue has treated thousands of Pelicans. A single Brown Pelican can consume about 6 pounds of fish a day - half its bodyweight - and many are in care for 3-5 weeks at a time. It can cost more than $500 for every one of these majestic creatures we save.

Adopt a Great Blue Heron - $100

Every spring and summer our centers are filled with aquatic birds including egrets and herons. With donor help, we successfully raise and release over 500 egrets and herons a year.

New! Adopt a Pied-billed Grebe - $75

Pied-billed Grebes are one of our smallest and most cantankerous residents. As babies, these tiny diving ducks require hand-feedings every half-hour during the day and must be monitored closely to make sure they keep their waterproofing. Your donation helps us to keep them well-fed and properly cared for.

Adopt a Clutch of Ducklings - $75

Every spring and summer our centers are filled with orphaned ducklings. Your adoption of a clutch of ducklings helps us successfully raise and release over 1,000 ducklings a year.

Adopt a Loon - $75

Loons are diving birds that live in lakes and oceans around the world. They are especially sensitive to oil spills since loons dive rather than fly when they encounter oil slicks.

Adopt a Murre - $50

Murres spend most of the non-breeding season at sea, diving for food. Major oil spills along central California coast have had significant impact on their populations.

Adopt an Eared Grebe - $50

About the size of a grapefuit, Eared Grebes (pronounced "greebs") are the smallest of the diving birds and are known for their excellent swimming ability, with lobed feet placed far back on their bodies.

Adopt a Western or Clark's Grebe - $50

These elegant, black-and-white birds breed in lakes and ponds across the American West and winter along the Pacific Coast. We treat hundreds of Western and Clark's Grebes each year.

Adopt a Snowy Egret - $50

With their immaculate white plumage, Snowy Egrets were once hunted to near extinction due to demands for their gorgeous feathers. Our centers raise over 100  Snowy Egret chicks each season.

Adopt a Plover Chick - $40

One of our coast's most delightful shorebirds, plovers face ongoing human disturbance and development. The Snowy Plover is listed as an endangered species.

Adopt a Baby Green Heron - $30

One of the few birds known to use lures in order to catch fish, Green Herons are remarkable birds and can be found in many regions throughout the US. Our California center receive many orphaned Green Herons in spring and early summer.

Adopt a Duckling - $25

Orphaned ducklings need a helping hand. With your support, we successfully raise and release over 1,000 ducklings a year.