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Adopt a Bird

Bird adoptions are a meaningful way to honor the wildlife lovers in your life!

Adoption Certificate

Starting at just $10, our symbolic Adopt-a-Bird program helps to support the care of an  individual animal.

With your tax-deductible gift, we'll e-mail you a link to a customizable adoption certificate that you can print out or send as a PDF document!

Your gift will be used where needed most to rescue and rehabilitate birds impacted by both natural and man-made threats, such as oil spills and algal blooms.

Check out the list below to get started!

Adopt a Murre - $50

Murres spend most of the non-breeding season at sea, diving for food. Major oil spills along central California coast have had significant impact on their populations.

Adopt a Baby Black-crowned Night-Heron

Black-crowned Night-Heron babies are a constant presence in the spring and summer at our wildlife centers. Most come from urban rookeries where birds are likely to fall from nests and injure themselves on man-made surfaces.

Adopt a Duckling - $25

Orphaned ducklings need a helping hand. With your support, we provide needed support to over 1,000 ducklings a year.

Adopt a Clutch of Ducklings - $125

Every spring and summer our centers are filled with orphaned ducklings. Your adoption of a clutch of ducklings helps provide needed support to over 1,000 ducklings a year.

Adopt a Grebe - $75

Grebes (pronounced "greebs") of all kinds are constant patients at our wildlife centers. We treat Eared (pictured), Horned, Western, Clark's, Red-necked and Pied-billed Grebes.

Adopt a Loon - $75

Loons are diving birds that live in lakes and oceans around the world. They are especially sensitive to oil spills since loons dive rather than fly when they encounter oil slicks.

Adopt a Heron-Egret - $50

Every spring and summer, our wildlife care centers successfully raise and release over 500 egrets and herons a year - including Snowy Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Great Egrets, Green Herons, Great Blue Herons, and Black-crowned Night-herons.


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