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Aquatic Bird Rehabilitation

Stewards of the Earth

While newspaper headlines focus on the devastating effects of oil spills that occur when big tankers accidentally lose their cargo, there are thousands of small spills occurring daily around the world that go unreported and unnoticed. Millions of water birds die every year due to oil from jet skis and motorboats, oil washed off streets and into storm drains after rain, natural seeps under the ocean, and other sources.

We all use oil or oil-related products in some form or another, and, as species co-existing on this earth with other life forms, we are responsible for the messes that we make. We know that oiled birds can be rehabilitated and we maintain the belief that each individual animal life is valuable and that each animal is deserving of our care. In a world where life is not always respected and cherished we feel that preserving even the life of one bird sends an important message.

When you look at a bird covered in oil it is difficult to imagine how it could ever be cleaned, much less survive, but as stewards of this earth, we can and must help them.